This Work Needs You

The Frontier Health Foundation’s Impact Stigma Movement is a collective focus on changing minds by sharing stories on our Award-Winning Podcast, Impact Stigma, creating connections with other passionate individuals through our Impact Maker Campaign and opening hearts and minds through virtual and in person events all focused on fighting stigma together alongside community members just like you!

Make an Impact TODAY!

What We Do

Frontier Health Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that operates as the charitable and educational arm ensuring Frontier Health continues to provide the highest quality behavioral health and vocational services to the communities and individuals we serve. Our work continues the fight to eradicate stigma and discrimination surrounding mental and behavioral health through advocacy, fund-raising and building public awareness.

What We Stand For

We envision creating a community where all people have HOPE and ACCESS to the quality care needed in order to recover from mental illness, substance abuse, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities.

Be a part of our local live and online virtual events, as we bring the gift of connection to our communities while focusing on raising awareness and support for mental health issues. Find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on our Podcast Series, Impact Stigma.

Impact Stigma is a movement focused on changing minds, creating connections, and speaking out about mental and behavioral health discrimination. We are stronger together and this work needs community members, just like you.

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