We wanted to start an ongoing conversation that was interesting and lighthearted and addressed the topic of mental health stigma. Raising public awareness about mental health stigma is one of two fundamental goals in Frontier Health Foundation’s mission statement. So, how do you genuinely improve public awareness? How can we connect with our communities and inspire them to hear the message?

We looked into many outside-the-box ideas to help tackle this complex issue. Finally, we settled on producing a podcast as the best way to share stories that would impact the communities we serve. This is how Frontier Health Foundation’s Impact Stigma Podcast began.

We knew the conversation needed to be honest and relatable so our listeners would want to hear the message and keep coming back. But unfortunately, our society has historically looked at mental and behavioral health as a taboo topic often avoided and ignored. So we chose to make Impact Stigma an interview-style featuring three participants: a special guest and our hosts, Jennifer Teague Ritter (Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations) and Josh Moore (Communications and Public Relations Coordinator). Jennifer and Josh have a unique chemistry that ensures the show stays upbeat and allows the special guest to feel safe while sharing their mental and behavioral health story.

The Impact Stigma Podcast is featured on the iTunes Podcast app, Spotify, Amazon Music, and the Frontier Health Foundation Website. As a result, the podcast has a blooming fan base that reaches even farther than expected and has already made a significant national and international impact! But, for Jennifer, Josh, and the Frontier Health Foundation, Impact Stigma is way more than just a podcast. It’s about igniting our communities, sharing our stories, and inspiring our listeners to impact stigma and change the lives of the communities we serve.