Welcome to the brand-new Frontier Health Foundation Make an Impact Blog! This is where we talk about everything that is going on within the Foundation in an informative way with the feel of a newsletter. Before we get in to all the behind the scenes of how we got here, I just want to share a little story about who I am and what we do that you can actually watch on the first page of the website.

Towards the end of 2019, after several interviews, I finally got the call from Kristie Hammonds. She offered me my dream job and a brand-new start with Frontier Health so, of course, I said yes. I had no idea then how that decision would change my life in such a profound way.
My name is Jennifer Teague, and I am the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations for Frontier Health. Since the beginning of this journey, I have met some truly amazing souls. The leadership, board members, and staff have all proven to be the heartbeat of Frontier Health and this Foundation.

I met Josh Moore the Communications and Public Relations Coordinator for Frontier Health, shortly after I started. He took me out to visit some of our locations and introduce me to our staff so that I could introduce myself and learn as much as I could about how we help those we serve.
What I found, was dedication, compassion, and an organization that treats each other like family. I watched our people care for the individuals we serve like they were the most important part of their day, the true definition of what an advocate should be. I learned that in 2019, Frontier Health impacted the lives of 52,808 individuals throughout Northeast TN and Southwest Virginia. And last year, when someone called us because they were dealing with a mental health crisis, over 9,106 different times, we were there.

We provided 33,989 vocational rehabilitation sessions getting people on their feet and back to work and in the last year alone, we touched the lives of all those we serve 313,544 times…wow… now that is a lot of help. But we didn’t do this alone!
Your generosity provided Frontier Health the support needed to bring facilities like Turning Point to life and our Domestic Violence Shelter, Safe House, an opportunity to build a brand-new playground. Feeling safe and having a nice place to play is such a blessing for children dealing with the trauma of abuse. Because of you, we have been able to bring crowds of people together talking about the stigma associated with mental and behavioral health issues.

So, when I am asked what we do here at the Foundation, my answer is we support the programs and services of Frontier Health and work to eradicate the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental and behavioral health through advocacy, fund-raising and building public awareness. These crucial conversations are needed to eradicate stigma all together and must continue so those in need of our help feel safe enough to seek it instead of being too afraid to ask. This is what we do each and every day.

By Jennifer Teague