Who We Are

A Worthy Cause Begins


In 2016 Dr. Teresa Kidd, former CEO of Frontier Health, saw an opportunity to expand the newly formed Frontier Health Foundation to shine a light on stigma and improve our region’s perception about mental and behavioral health. She began by bringing Frontier’s passionate team of leaders together as advocates to fight stigma and start the conversations needed to bring public awareness to the communities we serve. Dr. Kidd’s dedication to this cause inspired her team to create annual events like Stigma Stops Now bringing national celebrities to our region. These annual events opened the door for bigger conversations within our community about depression, trauma and substance abuse. 

Who We Are, Today

That story brings us to where Frontier Health Foundation is today. A nonprofit corporation that operates as the charitable and educational arm supporting the programs and services of Frontier Health while tirelessly working to eradicate stigma within the communities of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Thank You to Everyone!

Thank you to everyone past, present, and future for your dedication and passion for making a difference! Without all of the contributed time, money, and heart from our dedicated leaders, individual constituents, company sponsors, families, staff and volunteers, this foundation would just be an idea.


Our Mission

To ensure Frontier Health’s ability to deliver high-quality behavioral health and vocational services to the communities and individuals we serve while working to eradicate social stigma and discrimination surrounding mental and behavioral health through advocacy, fundraising, and building public awareness.

Our Vision

We envision a community in which all people have hope, knowledge, and access to the high-quality care needed to recover from mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and the affects that trauma has had in their lives.