Turning Point

You matter to the countless lives that have been radically impacted here because of your support.

Your support made it possible for the Foundation to designate $1.5 million to support the purchase and renovation cost for the new Turning Point Facility in Johnson City.

A Story of Hope

These are the true stories of hope about real people from within Frontier Health. We have changed the names to protect their privacy.

“Amy” struggled with opioid and meth addiction for 20 years of her adult life. “I lived each day without purpose and destroyed anything good that came my way.” She found herself in drug court and was referred to Frontier Health’s Turning Point facility to begin her recovery program.

There she began her residential treatment, went to group therapy and worked with her case manager. Through laughter, tears, hope and wisdom her trust was restored, and true friends were made. “From the day I entered into recovery until now, I have grown into a different person. My desires, my heart, and my soul have changed.