This Work Needs You.

Our new #IMPACTSTIGMA campaign continues our fight to eradicate stigma by way of a grassroots movement that partners with community members just like you. The burden of mental illness in the United States is among the highest of all diseases, and mental disorders are among the most common causes of disability.
We are stronger together! Work with us to ensure that fear and shame are no longer barriers to mental and behavioral health care. Join the movement as an #IMPACTMAKER to help us fight stigma and take back our health and our communities!

Make An Impact

We are excited you are here and hope you will join our giving community and make an impact in the lives of those we serve! If you or someone you love has experienced a mental health issue or seen the hurt and loss that happens when these issues go untreated and you want to help us, then this is the place to do it!

There are so many different ways you can help us support Frontier Health!

We have brand new and exciting local Events coming up, special fundraisers to support specific needs within our organization and a powerful grassroots movement called Impact Stigma.

You can Connect With Us and sponsor an event or make a one-time charitable gift on our Ways to Give page. Impact Stigma is our grassroots movement that partners with community members, just like you.

Become a part of the movement that is changing local lives!

You Can Help!

No matter your age or where you are in life you can make an impact and you can start right now.

Give back because even the smallest donations make a difference.

It Starts with YOU!

Mental Self-Care is where great health begins so don’t be afraid to talk about yours.

Get Involved!

Share and talk about mental health with others.

Connect with us at an event and become a part of a larger community!

Become an Impact Maker!

Feeling inspired?  Want to have some fun?

 Join our community of monthly givers and be an Impact Maker!