This Work Needs You.

Our new #IMPACTSTIGMA campaign continues our fight to eradicate stigma by way of a grassroots movement that partners with community members just like you. The burden of mental illness in the United States is among the highest of all diseases, and mental disorders are among the most common causes of disability.
We are stronger together! Work with us to ensure that fear and shame are no longer barriers to mental and behavioral health care. Join the movement as an #IMPACTMAKER to help us fight stigma and take back our health and our communities!

Impact Stigma

Mental illness is not a personal failure and stigma should never be a barrier to mental and behavioral health care.

The Frontier Health Foundation’s Impact Stigma Movement focuses on changing minds, creating connections, and speaking out about mental and behavioral health discrimination because stigma should never be a barrier to asking for help. Mental illness touches every family in America, that means someone YOU love has suffered because of stigma.


That’s why we need you to join the conversation!

Join us as we talk about #IMPACTSTIGMA on our Podcast, our virtual events, our quarterly newsletter, all over social media and with each other! We are stronger together! This work needs you! Impact Stigma is a grassroots movement that partners with community members, just like you.

“One of the big things that we are constantly trying to overcome is the stigma related to care. A lot of people don’t want to avail themselves to evidence-based care because they’re afraid of being labeled.”

-Ginger Naseri, LCSW, Sr. Vice President, TN Adult Services Frontier Health


What is Stigma?

Stigma is the prejudicial and discriminating behavior directed towards an individual with a mental illness. It leaves those suffering from mental illnesses with low self-esteem and feelings of hopelessness. Worst of all, it often causes people with mental illnesses to become so embarrassed or full of shame that they conceal their symptoms and avoid the very treatment, services, and supports they need and deserve. Mental Illness is not a personal failure.

Put an end to fear
and shame.

Stand up for those we love!

Why Should I Care?

Discrimination against people with mental illnesses and the public stigma that goes along with that leads others to avoid living, socializing, or working with, renting to, or even employing people with mental illnesses. Mental illness touches every family in America! That means someone you love has suffered because of stigma. We are talking about our #IMPACTSTIGMA movement on the Impact Stigma Podcast, our virtual events, social media, and now with you!

We want you in this conversation.

It’s time to #IMPACTSTIGMA!

How Can I Help?

As an #IMPACTMAKER, your monthly donation ensures we can continue our fight against stigma. 100% of your monthly donation supports our efforts to educate and raise awareness throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Your donation helps us inspire hearts and change minds through our Podcast and our educational luncheons! As an #IMPACTMAKER, your membership means access to our local Impact Stigma events, our newsletter, and so much more!

Put an end to stigma!